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Old 08-02-2007, 05:32 PM
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Lightbulb Mosets Tree 2.0 released

Mosets Tree 2.0

I'm pleased to announce the release of Mosets Tree 2.0. This is a major release which includes some of the most requested features since the Mosets Tree 1.5 series. We've listened and you have patiently waited for this. Read on for the list of major features in this release.

New Features

Custom Fields

Since Mosets Tree 1.5, you have been able to add up to 30 custom fields and this opens up a lot of possibility in showing different type of data in listings. However, it requires the user to have some knowledge in PHP & HTML to modify the template to fully take advantage in this.

Mosets Tree 2.0 introduces an improved Custom Fields management with the ability to add more Field types. By default, you can create the following type of custom fields:
  • Text
  • Select List
  • Select Multiple
  • Radio Button
  • Audio Player
  • Date
  • Digg
  • E-mail
  • File
  • Image
  • Multi-line Textbox
  • Number
  • Online Video (Youtube, Google Video etc.)
  • Video Player (e.g: .avi & .swf videos)
  • Web link
  • Year

It doesn't stop here. We have open up an API for developers to create additional fieldtypes which can be easily packaged and share with other user. Installation and management of the custom fields and field types are all done in the back-end interface without any programming knowledge. It's like a form builder for Mosets Tree!

Multiple image support

Mosets Tree 2.0 now allows you to upload more than one image per listing. If there are two or more images in a listing, there will be a gallery where it list all the thumbnails for additional browsing.

Improved Tree template

Since the beginning, Mosets Tree supports template which allows developer to modify Mosets Tree's layout to their hearts content. In Mosets Tree 2.0, we have built a template manager which will make it easy for admin to install and manage their template without going through the tedious task of uploading files through an FTP manager. You'll feel right at home as it works similarly to Joomla! Template Manager.

We have also added support for parameters to template which gives greater flexibility to template designers. Any layout-related settings can be configured here.

The Tree template has been optimized to minimize the usage of tables and increase its usage of header tag in category and listing names.

Spy Directory

Ever wonder which users has voted a listing? How about the feeling that a listing owner is trying vote their listing from different accounts? Mosets Tree 2.0 comes with an innovative feature called Spy Directory which allows you to view all activities that are going on in Mosets Tree. Activities can be viewed by listings or users. There is also a built-in tool to display potential clones and subsequently remove all votes, reviews and listings from clones.

Favourites, Reviews, Helpfuls & User Pages

Mosets Tree 2.0 allows users to add listing to their favourites list which enable them quick access to those listings. This is also a great way for users to share listings with other users.

The reviews system now comes with Helpful votes. Any reader who thinks a review is helpful, they can vote a Yes or if it is not helpful, they vote a No. This system allows you to sort the reviews according to their helpfulness.

The user pages has also been improved to show a user's listings, reviews and favourites.

Improved User experience with AJAX

Adding favourites, voting a listings, changing category, adding related categories are done within the same page without reloading.


The following are the new requirements for Mosets Tree 2.0:
  • PHP 4.3 or newer
  • MySQL 4.0 or newer
  • Joomla! 1.0.11 or newer

Downloads, Upgrades and License Renewal

Please read the next announcement on how you can download the full package and the patch. Starting from this release, we are implementing the one year renewal option. Customers who has purchase Mosets Tree exactly or less than one year ago will receive this upgrade for free. Customers who are not eligible for this need to renew their license at a minimum fee of USD $39.00 in order to continue receiving upgrades for additional one year.


Demo as usual can be found at the following URLs:

Lead Developer
Mosets.com - Quality Joomla! Solutions
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