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Old 10-19-2012, 12:41 AM
mbrando mbrando is offline
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Default How to display wysiwyg content?


I have enabled wysiwyg in back end and front end. How do I get the listings and detail view to format as created using the wysiwyg editor?

It simple formatting bold text and breaks.

- Mike
Old 10-19-2012, 12:45 AM
mbrando mbrando is offline
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dknight dknight is offline
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Hi gerry,

WYSIWGY editors are supported in Mosets Tree 2.0. You'll need to enable the function at Mosets Tree's Configuration:

- Under 'Main' tab, set 'Use WYSIWYG Editor Description field:' to Yes
- Under 'Admin' tab, set 'Use WYSIWYG Editor description field in back-end:' to Yes

You also need to edit Description field's parameter to avoid the field from stripping HTML tags:

1) Goto Custom Fields > Description
2) Scroll to the bottom half the screen
3) Set 'Strip all HTML tags in Details view', 'Parse URL as link in Details view' and 'Strip all HTML tags before storing to database' to No.
4) Click 'Save' icon on top.

That should do the trick.
Found this. Step #1 Goto Custom Fields > Description set NO for strip HTML.

- Mike
Old 02-05-2013, 02:41 PM
karenlgillow karenlgillow is offline
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Default front end wysiwyg editor not showing

I am having the same problem described here, and that was logged elsewhere - my Super User name signs in the front end, and all is well. Another use, set to Registered group, signs in but no wysiwyg edito - just a grey line at the top of the editing box.

I have:
- set all the html stripping to no for the description field;
- checked the default for the site is JCE (and it works in everything else);
- checked the user has JCE set as the default editor;
- enabled wysiwyg in back and front ends through configuration
- have signed in and out, and re-saved,

but cannot work out what I am missing. If I turn of wysiwyg in front end, I can see with the Registered user that the Description field changes the way it looks, and then changes back when wysiwyg is again turned on, but no buttons.
Using Mosets 3.0.2 & JCE

Thanks! Karen

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