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Old 08-05-2011, 04:19 PM
ruslannicolaev ruslannicolaev is offline
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Question Problem with file upload in MT 2.2.3


1) I have a problem with uploading big files (over 10mb) in MT catalog. Currently my website located on localhost and to fix the issue i've adjusted the php.ini and change the max_upload_size to 50mb. However my file is just 14mb (.apk format) and when i am trying to add it in listing the page just refresh and return back to the listings view. When i am adding something around 500kb everything is fine. Please advise how I can fix this issue?

2) Also i've read that in older version of MT the files were stored in database which is very bad for software site, where I am planning to upload applications over 20 mb and if i upload over 10.000 appl the loading of database will be very high.
Please advise if in newer version this thread was solved?

Thank you,
Old 03-04-2012, 12:54 AM
creedwatkins creedwatkins is offline
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Default Error uploading audio file over 8MB

My understanding is that Mosets 2.2.4 does not store files as BLOBs. When successful, it seems to upload the files to /components/com_mtree/attachments.

I am having a very similar problem with Mosets. When I try to upload an audio file over 8MB, the file upload process completes, but with errors. Any file around 8MB or less works OK. Here are the symptoms:

1. File does not actually upload.
2. Post-upload screen is corrupted.
3. Listing does not save with link to file.

Here is what I have attempted to solve the problem (none have worked):

1. Set PHP memory_limit to 96M
2. Set PHP post_max_size to 64M
3. Set PHP upload_max_filesize to 32M
4. Set all Directory / File CHMOD to 755 / 644 respectively.
5. Recompiled PHP, restarted Apache and MySQL

I am using PHP Version 5.3.6, MYSQL 5.1.56, Apache/2.2.21, Joomla! 2.5.1, and Mosets Tree 2.2.4.

I have searched the forums and have seen that people have had similar problems, but I haven't found any useful resolutions. This is a critical component of my site, which is scheduled to launch this week. Need support ASAP.



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