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Old 04-02-2011, 02:04 AM
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Default Warning Zip Code Search vendor

This is not fiction, it is specific to me. It is true and has formulated an opinion for me, which I will share as long as you understand it is just my opinion based on a factual situation that occurred to me.

First things First
WARNING DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT spend any money with a certain vendor who reports to have a Zip Code Search component that works; is fully and promptly supported; and is deliverable with-in the time constraints that they themselves set... ad infinitum.

I lost nearly $100 US dollars that I spent in July of 2010, based upon a guarantee that the product was ready and only need to uploaded to the server. Oh, I do have a product, but it is a rehash of the previously abandoned product from 3 years prior, that I forked over $200 for 2 licenses of.

Before you judge me too harshly in the foolishness category, let me say that the original product the Zip Code Search vendor offered was brilliant! It was the first of it's kind that could be used with MT and it did a fantastic job. I was happy with the product and support, and I even helped out with a minor bug or two when I came across them.

Then from out of nowhere, this vendor claimed they were getting a huge investment and *POOF*... the support disappeared; the product disappeared; and finally the vendor completely abandoned me. Mind you, I had just paid for my second license 2 weeks prior because they developed a feature that dynamically changed the search grid via a drag and drop type interface, and as I said, up until that point, they were spot on with the product and support.

I did get the product, but there was a MAJOR bug-a-boo in it that rendered it not ready for prime time. Here's the ugly monkey part, not only did they abandon me, but this latest product was "cubed"! Yep, the package was encrypted and I couldn't even fix the bug.

So, after almost 3 years missing in action.... I get an email announcement in early 2010 that this Zip Code Search vendor, was rolling out the goods again. I was happy... no... elated.... no... I was beside myself! Now I could properly have my site do what I intended it to do in the first place.

I immediately contacted the vendor and lo and behold, they were there, the site transformed from its earlier design (although it not was a stellar offering), and I was ready to download my long awaited component.

SHREEEEEEEEEEECH.... "huh? ...come again? ...uh, what exactly do you mean I have to pay for it again?"

"Oh, I see, its no longer, encrypted and there are some enhancements and it runs more independently than it did before."

"Hmmmm... is that nifty feature that was buggy before all fixed and ready to go? ...it is and you are uploading it in a few days???!! .... GREAT, I'm in?"

(~1 week later)
"...hey Zip Code Search vendor, I paid and I don't have the product yet... oh, the web devs haven't finished compiling it yet huh? ...oh I see you have discovered the server is inadequate and it is taking a bit of time to get a package."

(~2 weeks after purchase)
"hey Zip Code Search vendor, hows that packaging coming along?.... aahhh, so you decided to completely upgrade the server and you are working on getting it finished... this weekend?... sounds good"

(~3 weeks after purchase)
Announcement from Zip Code Search vendor! We have been bought by a group and we will be releasing information and NEW products in a few weeks!

"uh-oh... sounds familiar to me. by the way, I am still looking for that product I purchased... so the new owners want to look at all the products and make sure they are as polished as possible... yeah but, I purchased what I thought was... oh, I am going to really love the added features?... Ok, I can wait a week or so for that... no sweat"

(~9 weeks after purchase)
"...so the Mosets vulnerability caused you to have to do what?... so I can try and log into my download area and it will be there after tomorrow right?... cool"

(~10 weeks after purchase)
"...really?... the thunderstorm just knocked everything out huh?... wow that's a shame...I hope everyone is ok.... sure I can give it until over the weekend for you to upload it.... I understand"

(~13 weeks after purchase)
Announcement from Zip Code Search vendor: We will be releasing updates to our packages and new components this week!

"...ahhh, perseverance pays off they always say... wait a minute, how can they release updates and they never released the product?"

"...hello Zip Code Search vendor, looked and I can't see my fantastic new product that I paid for 3 months ago... WHAT????... explain to me what you mean by 'we can't release a BETA until re know its at least ready for our testers'...?! I didn't purchase BETAWARE, you said it was ready for market in July..."

"...another weekend?... this time for sure?... and you want to get my opinion as a BETA tester and then release it...? ... and the BETA is in reality a done deal...? ..sigh, ok, set up a testers account for me and I will look at it"

(~5 months after purchase)
"...ahem, Zip Code Search vendor, I don't have a folder for this BETA you supposedly want me to test... so the sales team wants to discuss something with me before I get access...? ah, they want to discuss a unique business opportunity with me... uh...sure"

(~5 months 2 weeks after purchase)
"...so let me get this straight, YOU, Zip Code Search vendor, would like ME, to help you sell my business model for you, and I will get commission...? really?....you think there's potential resell value in the space I am in...?"

"oh, ....you want top give me 'special access' so I can look over the components you have to do this business model... and, you will let me BETA test the component I purchased over 6 months ago after I respond...?"

"...hmmmm, let me think, ok, how about you give me access to your special site; give me my component now; and let me consider any business relationship after I get the product...? that's fair enough...? GREAT!"

"...by the way, it's been a half year and I paid for a yearly subscription and I have zippo... nadda... the ole doughnut hole...! you will extend my subscription by 6 additional months...? uh...yeah..ok...uh..hmmmmm"

As time marches on, its the holiday season and I have had relatives in from another country since early October and they were staying until after New Years, so I laid off for December and early January.

Meanwhile,Zip Code Search vendor reports:
...New releases this week!
...It snowed!
...Chat server needs repair!

Fast-forward to 2nd week of March 2011

"...ok Zip Code Search vendor, I am about done with patience and I NEED MY component...! ...earthquake...?? you mean the one in Japan...? well I am certainly compelled to have feelings for the family member of your employee, but how does that keep me from getting my component...?

"...well thank you for commenting on my patience, but I have to move forward... this weekend will be the release...? yeah whatever"

(3rd week of March 2011)
"...hello Mr CEO of Zip Code Search vendor, remember me from 3 + years ago...? you do...? yes it has been a while... uh listen..., can you explain why I don't have my product after all this time...(now I give him a lengthy overview of past 9+ months of events including the first abandonment 3 years ago)?"

"...You don't normally give access to 'pre-release' software???... then why in the world has your staff been telling me that I will be getting it this week and that week and next week etc....?"

"...oh, you will allow it in this case...? gee, that's swell of you... you will instruct your minions to create a folder for the BETA and I can commence...? GREAT, now when will this happen...? this weekend (I was almost tempted to say it in unison with him)"

"...well okie doke, you take care as well and thanks again"

(last week of March 2011)
Login to site...
...prepared to see new D/L section for me...
...site loading... ... ...
surprise surprise... no joy!

"...Zip Code Search vendor, (they intercept me as I open the chat before I can type anything)... yes you can help me, I just wanted you to know I am done bothering you with this... it isn't worth another second of time..."

"...oh it's up now...? right now...? hmmm...(I refresh my browser)... TADA!!!!! ...oh, so the folder has been up since this morning, that's funny, I was JUST in there and it wasn't..."

"...wow, I must have done it wrong or something.. (more like they saw me come in and slapped it up)..! oh well who cares, I have a folder, so let me just click on.... alas... empty... figures!"

So I know it is a long story, and it is true as can be. It might not be a complete story because I left out countless excuses for the delay. Over all I must have had close to 200 chat sessions... easy!

I am done with Zip Code Search vendor, because I didn't want to stick around to hear the classic, "The Dog Ate Our Component" excuse.

So here is my opinion on this Company!


P.S. I forgive you Zip Code Search vendor. Your Shop is in need of prayer.


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Old 04-02-2011, 07:05 AM
fireman fireman is offline
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Default Note

The Zip Code Search vendor was NOT Moxie Maps. Btw he updated the component he has a few weeks ago.
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Old 04-21-2011, 10:56 PM
jeffhoneyager jeffhoneyager is offline
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Default Final Zip Code Radius Search Testing for HP

Check out the "testing" site at:


If you are interested, let me know...

Peace & Joy,
Jeff Honeyager

jeff.honeyager (at) gmail.com
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