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Old 01-13-2019, 08:21 PM
tazzarkin tazzarkin is offline
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Default Add User Name to Mosets MySQL View 01-13-2019

I created a view to show some basic fields. In Mosets, I was able to find the user_id in the Mosets table. However, I can not find the UserName associated with the user_id.

However, how can I add the UserName associated with user_id?
Would that be in a different table?

Below is my current view:

SELECT c.cat_id catid, c.cat_name category, l.link_id AS linkid, l.link_name AS linkname, l.price AS price, l.website AS website, l.fax AS faxnum, l.telephone AS telephone, l.address as addressnum, l.user_id AS userid, cl.link_id AS mainlinkid, c.cat_id AS maincatid
 FROM jos_mt_cats AS c, jos_mt_links AS l, jos_mt_cl AS cl
 WHERE c.cat_id=cl.cat_id AND l.link_id=cl.link_id AND cl.main=1
How can I add UserName to my view?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 01-13-2019, 08:47 PM
tazzarkin tazzarkin is offline
Join Date: Jan 2012
Posts: 76
Default Oops... wrong forum

I accidentally posted this in the wrong forum, but it won't let me delete it.
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