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Old 03-10-2009, 11:35 AM
paulemurray paulemurray is offline
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Default I think I am going to go insane over no Agent Menu

HP 1.0 Beta 4
Joomla 1.58


I have read all of the posts I can find on Agent Menu.

After installing Hot Property and the JSN Epic Template I have my site up and working and I am please with what I have been able to accomplish in a relatively short time.

But this agent menu thing is going to be the death of me.

I have a User Login in a green box on the left side of the home page.

I have enable the Agent Menu module that was installed.

I have tried multiple variations of privileges based on information in different threads. I have currently left the user privilege in Joomla as registered for the 'agent user' I created. I have set HP configuration to require that agents are registered users.

Finally, I realized that I was confusing the agent menu with what I thought would be agent login. So then I had User Menu (in module management) set to public and Agent Menu set to Public (thinking there would be a place to login as agent). So when I opened the home page and am not logged in, I see that it says Agent Menu - Agent Menu Not Available (because I am not logged in). That is BAD. I don't want anyone to see that. Once I log in as an HP user (a user that is defined in Joomla! and is defined in HP), I DO see the menu!! Hooray!!

HERE IS WHERE THE CONFUSION IS/WAS: I kept thinking that I had to create a menu using Menu Manager. But apparently it is a different type of menu that has nothing to do with the menu manager in Joomla (which I still haven't figured out how or what it really does).

So...When the registered user is logged out, they see the goofy message section as 'Agent Menu' and below that 'Agent Menu Not Available'. How do did get rid of that?

Well, I got rid of it my making the menu available only to registered users. Duh...Sounds easy once you know...

Now for my site, I don't want just anyone creating a user id and logging on. So I tested creating a new account and added my information. I then tried to login. I got a msg stating that I was either blocked or had not activated my account by clicking on a link I was to receive via email when I created the account. I AM PRETTY SURE THAT THERE WAS NO MSG STATING THAT I NEEDED TO CHECK MY EMAIL.

So I check my email and click on the link. It opens my page, but it prefills my email address and not my user name. I am able to log in that way, but then I get a blank page stating 'Invalid Token'. THAT'S BAD. I click the back button and now it shows that I am logged 'Hi paulm'. Above that, I see 'Agent Menu' 'Agent Menu Not Available'. Bad again. NOW HERE IS A PROBLEM. I realize that I am not really logged in at all. The invalid token is creating a problem where by it says 'Hi paulm', but the button below says, LOGIN, not LOGOUT!! What do I do now? I close the browser and re-open it to realestate.paradapolska.com. Now it says that I am logged in 'Hi paulm' and now the button says 'Logout'. Better, but telling users they have to close the browser and re-open it is not a solution.

Now I log back in using paulm as the user id instead of my email address that populated in the form when I clicked the email link and I end up logged in and I get no Invalid Token message on an otherwise blank page.

I don't want the average registered user to see that, so I am guessing that I have to up the rights for the user agent to something like special so that they see the correct agent menu and the average registered user sees nothing.

So I change the access in the 'Agent Menu' module to Special. But when I go into User Edit to change the corresponding user to 'Special' I see that there is no such option. Ugh! What now? I log out and back in as the agent and now see 'Agent Menu' 'Agent Menu Not Available' again. Not sure how to either raise the rights on the Agent Menu so registered users don't see that a menu is not available or raise the rights of the agent user so they can see the menu.

For now, I will probably deal with the registered user seeing 'Agent Menu' 'Agent Menu Not Available' until someone can point me in the right direction.

I have seen so many posts on this topic ending with no joy that I will ask the nice folks at Hot Property to get out a mini document with some screen shots out the door so that people don't bang their head on the wall for as many hours as I have. I would rather be learning PHP, thanks very much.

Best to all...

Old 03-10-2009, 11:49 AM
paulemurray paulemurray is offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 20
Default I am a little less insane...

I deleted the users in Joomla! administration and re-registered as myself.

This time, I did see the message stating that I would have to click on the link to activate the account.

This time I closed the browser and then clicked on the link. This time a different (but known) user's name was in the user id field and I did see the message that stated that the account had been activated and that I could now log in. Cool!!

This will be a subject for tomorrow, but I can see that I really need the login box to be higher up. Also, I need a different layout for the page after someone registers because the messages are showing up in the middle of the screen (e.g., 'you will have to click on the link' / 'your account has been activated').

If anyone can point me to posts that handle this, I would appreciate it.

I still have some testing to do because I KNOW that I saw my email address in the user id field when I clicked on the activation link and had NOT closed the browser.

Best to all...

Old 03-15-2009, 06:43 PM
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Hello PEM,

First of all I'd advise you to upgrade to Joomla 1.5.9.
After that, maybe you can summarize the questions you have about HP 1.0 B4
I am happy to help you with that.

(Moved this topic to HP 1.0 Forum)
Joomla 2.5.x and Mosets Tree 3.0.x

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