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Old 10-18-2007, 07:30 PM
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Lightbulb Mosets Tree 2.0.3 upgrade available

Mosets Tree 2.0.3

Bug Fixes
5 weeks has passed since the last update for Mosets Tree and we are pleased to announce another update - Mosets Tree 2.0.3. The main changes in this version is affects the way images are stored in Mosets Tree. Images are now stored in the filesystem instead of in the database for performance reason. We have received a lot of feedback from our users regarding our earlier decission on this and would like to them for their comment!

As usual this version fixes a lot of bugs reported in the past 5 weeks. All the changes are listing in the changelog.txt file and in the following post. This is a recommended upgrade and all Mosets Tree 2.0.x users are recommended to upgrade to this version.

Downloading the upgrade

The upgrade is available at your account by logging in to http://www.mosets.com/login/ and clicking at Mosets Tree license number. Full upgrade and install instructions are also available there.
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Old 10-18-2007, 07:32 PM
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Default List of changes from 2.0.2 - 2.0.3

Version 2.0.3 - October 2007


# Fixed SQL error when Advanced Searching with Select Multiple field

# Fixed inability to upload more than 1 image in the front-end at the same time

# Added rows, cols and style parameters to multiLineTextbox field type which has been removed in 2.0.2

# Fixed bug where hidden field is not simple searchable even if Simple Search is enabled for the hidden field

# Fixed bug where hidden field is not viewable in summary view

! Change e-mail address in About page from mtree AT mosets.com to support AT mosets.com

! When 'Show Review' is disabled, Reviews tab in users' pages is removed, direct access to viewusersreview, writereview & addreview is disabled

+ Added a new show_favourite config to toggle the Favourite feature

# Fixed RSS bug where the cache file is created at the root directory. Fixed to use /cache

# Fixed bug where hidden fields' value are erased when a listing is modified from front-end

# Fixed bug where listings' count is not updated when a listing is submitted and published through the front-end

# Fixed incorrect calculation on rating when removing vote in pending reviews

# Fixed bug where vote is not removed from log when pending review is rejected

# Fixed bug where template assigned to category is not picking up the assigned template.css file

# Fixed javascript error when using mod_mt_search with fixed categories

# Fixed issue with displaying incorrect number of summary characters in summary view. Fixed for both coredesc and multilinetextbox

+ Added Youtube's width and height parameter to Online Video field type

# Fixed upgrade script failing to import category's images from 1.5x to 2.0.0.

+ Added div.featured class in M2's template.css

+ Added a new parameter to M2 template to toggle featured listing's highlight

+ Added a new parameter to M2 template to toggle the display of action links in summary view

! <br />s are only added to Description field in details view when 'Strip all HTML tags in Details view' is set to Yes and there is no BR and P tag entered in the list of 'Allowed Tags'. This prevents unintended breaks in the field.


+ Supports cat_image variable in page_index.tpl.php and sub_subCats.tpl.php

# MT Importer has been updated to support Gossamer Links

# Changed h1 selector to h1.componentheading. Prevents interfering with other non-Mosets Tree style

! Manage category's style has been updated and improved

# Fixed errors when viewing a non-existing page in Mosets Tree

! Categories and Listings images now stored in filesystem

# Fixed missing closing div tag in page_listAlpha.tpl.php

# Spider fails nicely if allow_url_fopen is disabled

^ Custom Top List is removed from mod_mt_listing

# Fixed bug where reviews can not be submitted when the access is set to Public and user_review_once is enabled.

# MT Importer updated. cat_id will be assigned to 0 if value is empy in .csv file

# 'Required' option is disabled for some core fields

# Required field behaviour in link_desc has been modified. Only when not using WYSIWYG editor, the field is checked.

# Fixed error in mod_mt_menu when viewing a non-existing Mosets Tree page

^ Updated mod_mt_listing_wpic, mod_mt_random to support file based image handling

# Fixed missing closing DIV tag in page_image.tpl.php

^ Spider & Go functionality is removed from front-end

# Fixed coremetakeys and coremetadesc field type to allow modification in front-end. Fixed a related javascript error when these fields are set the 'Required' in front-end

# Fixed bugs where CSV file is not imported when \r is used as line endings
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