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Old 07-12-2012, 09:13 PM
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Unhappy The Ever Present Images Debate

I notice with some interest that whenever a question is asked about the importing of images.... the thread remains unanswered.

For those looking for a definitive answer... can we please have just that...A definitive answer.

1. Can you mass import images using an external script sql injection (there are exploits within Mosets tree) or by using php. or a third party module/component.

2. Having purchased the MT importer...it is a warning to all those who do purchase this ..although it unclear at the time of purchase...YOU CANNOT import images using this tool....it is only a csv file import...the image references will not be used and will be disregarded...meaning YOUR IMAGES WILL NOT SHOW UP on the front end.

3. the is a massive shortcoming for a component that claims that with it you are able to manage a directory website...as long as you have a team of 50 people uploading the images from the front end..

4. This potentially is a fab component, but will only be so when the realise that two things in the commercial world need solving with this component...

a. you must be able to run banner adverts on category pages...relating to individual tags and keywords...(i solved this after a week).

b. to be truly usefl you must be able to do all functions relating to managing your directory from the backend....including uploading mass products/directory listings/ and images.

If somebody has a multiple solution for the the mass image upload proble...i would be grateful for the knowledge....thank you

p.s. what does work on the tree ...i love!!


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