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Old 03-26-2013, 07:16 PM
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Lightbulb Mosets Tree 3.0.6 update available

  • Category canonical URL now supports pagination instead of pointing back to page 1 of a category.
  • Fixed an error when submitting reviews.
  • Fixed bug where secondary categories are not saved when listing modifications are sent for approval.
  • New mod_mt_listings module that will replace mod_mt_listing.
  • Fixed jQuery conflict when using mod_mt_filter.
  • Now sets 'jQuery' variable to 'true' in JApplication.
  • Added a new 'Module Assignment' parameter to modules to allow selective inclusion, exclusion, complete inclusion and complete exclusion. These allows a predictable behaviour when new categories are added in the future.
  • Fixed getJSOnInit bug in texteditor fieldtype that causes listing to not able to save.
  • Adds a new parameter convertSpecialCharsInSummary to coredesc fieldtype make the use of htmlspecialchars function configurable in summary view.
  • Fixed 3.0.0 upgrade bug that causes attachment folder to not update correctly, causing users not able to save image/file attachments.
  • Fixed bug affecting uploading attachments and images for modification approval.
  • Fixed bug not searching correct category through mod_mt_search module when the existing page is a Mosets Tree Category menu item.
  • Fixed simple search bug involving space and colon.
  • Fixed advanced search form not correctly searching a selected category.
  • Fixed bug affecting router.php where 2 or more categories share the same alias.
  • Core meta keys and meta description fields can be set as a required field now.

The upgrade is available at your account by logging in to http://www.mosets.com/login/ and clicking at Mosets Tree license number. Full install and upgrade instructions are also available there.
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