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Old 04-05-2012, 07:00 AM
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Default First time use

1. Can you point me where to download the user manual. It would surely help me that way.

2. How do I activate the template, say M2. I can not click the default column to use it.

3. If I want to put the categories at the bottom instead of the top, how do I do that? And then, move the search criteria (0-9, A-Z) under the categories instead on the top, how?

4. Custom fields;

a. If it says CORE, does it mean that you pull the data from the user Profile directly if already available? But if not, what happens if its not selectable.

b. I want to make some fields required which apparently, are not selectible, for example, ID#3 Name. I want it required, but does it mean it will be displayed to the viewers? Should ther be a radio to say, visible or not visible to front end?

c. What is the File field? Is that something the user can just use to upload some documentation? what is the maximum size and what types of format?

d. When I try to create a new custom field, there is no option to say if its part of CORE or not.

e. Adding Listing : Is there a way to display a comboboxLIst for the "Change Directory" categories as opposed to click it. I am making sure that user will not put anything in the root and I want to to choose immediately. The better if I can make it a drop down multiselect instead of a clickable link.

f. How to I move the field title on "Description" field to move up. It is showing at down below. Happens if the description area is multiline.

g. I need to default the country, state. where? I had it defaulted in configuration>featuers but it does not default on front end.
And If I want to have a dropdown to select a country or zip do you have that available? I

h. the the map athe bottom is showing Some African state it defaulted and where it has the marker pointer at instead of San Francisco, CA.

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