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Old 10-02-2012, 05:35 AM
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Default advance searches that are too complex hang mysql

in case anyone else runs into this: note that due to the way advance searches are 'phrased' in SQL by hotproperties, each new search term that a user uses effectively doubles the work mysql has to do. so if one term takes a well-tuned mysql .05 sec, using 2 terms adds .10 secs so takes .15 secs and 3 adds .20 and takes .35 secs, etc ... doesn't sound like much but when you're up to using 10 terms, it takes 50 secs, 11 = 2 mins, 12 = 4 mins, etc etc.

since i have 20 terms people can search from, it was theoretically possible for one nasty user to fill in all 20 of them and effectively take down my server with a long search which after 6 years in production, actually happened last week. (side note: not sure why, but other queries weren't going through either... but i couldn't figure out why so i opted for the quick fix below instead)

who in reality needs to query on 20 terms... no one... so instead of re-engineering the SQL or figuring out why other queries were being blocked (and because i didn't want a 4+min query running anyway...), i put the following hack into components/com_hotproperty/views/searches/view.html.php (in case it's of use to anyone else out there since mosets seems to have stopped devel on hot property).

look for the Retreive (sic) datas (sic again) comment and insert the lines below to 'pop-off' any criteria above 8 (for example) from search_fields and then only the first 8 will be used, no matter what people type in.

* Retreive datas
$search_fields = JRequest::getVar('Field', array(), 'get', 'array');
if (count($search_fields)>8) JError::raiseWarning( 100, 'Warning: Only first 8 advanced search criteria are considered.' );
while (count($search_fields)>8) { // BVC HACK topop off if there are more that 8 criteria

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