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Old 01-10-2009, 05:37 AM
jamesblouis jamesblouis is offline
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Question Multiple categories (want a challenge?)


I am trying to do set up a directory.

There are four different items to deal with.

First is the Line. Levis, Coach, Prada Shoes, etc. (there sometimes can be more than one Representative for a line)

Second is the Store Type. Popular, Moderate, Better. (a line can be more than one and a rep may one represent one of them and another rep may represent another store type for the same line.)

Third is the Product Codes. They are Accessories, Dresses, Petites, etc. (about 20 of them and a line can fit into more than one product code.)

Last is the actual listing who is the representative for that product. (who can Represent more than one line.)

So I am trying to figure out the best way for me to setup the categories so that if someone wants to browse the "Accessory" Product Code. They can get all of the Lines that fall into it. And by selecting the line they can get the Rep(s) who represents that line. And if they select Store Type the can see all of the lines for that store type.

Also if they select a Representative(Rep) they can get all of the lines that he/she sells.

I have looked at this a few ways and I am stumped.

First way, Browse Store Types, then Browse Product Codes, then Browse Lines.

Then under each setup related categories for each. So Under Popular Store Type, I would select related category Coach Purses, and Because Coach Purses is in Accessories I would select it as well. Then I would have to go to Coach purses and select Popular Store and Accessories. and the same for Accessories. Or is there an easier way?

Second. I need to list all of the categories that a Rep sells under when you select their name from any category.

Will this work on mostree?

Second option.

Setup Lines and have in the Lines category check boxes to select Product Codes and Store Type (this would be a hack of the system). The add the listings for the Reps and select their lines. Then figure out some sort of way to setup custom listings based off of the results in the check boxes for product codes or store type.

Third option

Add the Reps as categories, then make the Line a listings with the Product codes and store type in check boxes like option 2. Then figure out how to do listings off of these check boxes.

So am I missing something easier? and Will it work in Mostree?

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Old 01-12-2009, 06:25 PM
dknight dknight is offline
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Hi Jim,

Mosets Tree is best used for browsing primarily through *a* category system. Your spec requires more than one ways to browse your listings. Depending on your final set up, MT can be customized to handle this through customization.

Here's one way you can set up MT:

Set up a primary categorization and place all your listings in these categories. You'll need to create custom fields to store the other attributes like Representatives, Store Types etc for your listings.

Say if you want to allow your visitors to browse listings by 'Rep', you run an advanced search and retrieve the unique URL associated with the results page and then use this URL to create a menu link that says "View all listings by Rep. A". This needs to be done for every Rep you have in the directory. These steps is to be repeated with the rest of the attributes you use in your listings - ones that you want to make it browsable to your visitors. This require some time to set up initially.
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