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Default isolate custom fields inside a div

Hallo, I'm stucked in a little problem:
I need help to modify mod_mt_listing/ tmpl/ _fields.php
I'm not practise of php, so I apologize for a "stupid" question.

In my custom field array I want only some specifics id to stay in a separate div:

// Custom fields
$displayfields = $params->get( 'fields', array() );
if( !is_array($displayfields) ) {
$displayfields = array($displayfields);

if( !empty($displayfields) && isset($fields[$l->link_id]) )
echo '<ul class="listaCF">';

while( $fields[$l->link_id]->hasNext() ) {
$field = $fields[$l->link_id]->getField();
if( in_array($field->getId(2),$displayfields) && $field->hasValue() )
echo '<li>';
if($field->hasCaption() && !in_array($field->getName(),$hide_caption)) {
// echo $field->getCaption();

$value = $field->getOutput(2);
echo $value;
echo '</li>';
echo '</ul>';

I want id 2, 3 and 33 to stay in a specific <div>
and others in another div

how can I do that?
I tried by myself but every time I only get a white screen

Thank you so much

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