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Default In more detail?

Hi gray

Thanks for the help, but I am not a expert with PHP. Can you maybe help me a bit more...
You can view my site at:

I have taken some of the extra fields and hard coded them into my property.php as explained above. All hard coded fields are above the picture on my site.
I don't want those fields to be repeated in the extrafields section below the picture so I need to modify the following code:
<?php foreach ($this->extrafields as $extrafield) : ?>
        $extrafield_value = MosetsHTML::_('hotproperty.content.extrafield', $extrafield, $this->row);
        if (!empty($extrafield_value)) : ?>
            <?php if (!$extrafield->hideCaption && !empty($extrafield->caption)) : ?>
                <dt class="caption <?php echo $extrafield->name; ?>"><?php echo $this->escape($extrafield->iscore ? JText::_($extrafield->caption) : $extrafield->caption); ?></dt>
            <?php endif; ?>
            <dd class="value <?php echo $extrafield->name; ?>"><?php echo $extrafield_value; ?></dd>
        <?php endif; ?>
    <?php endforeach; ?>
So that I only call the fields I would like to. Please let me know how I can use your suggestion with this code to only include certain fields.

Thank You.