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Default Mosets Tree Function Wish List

  • Tag manager to edit and delete tags
  • Tag suggestion while typing in the tag entry field
  • Option to lock tags to use only preset tags to avoid excessive similar tags
  • Search by tag only
  • Save and New button in admin
  • Delete original images after upload to reduce file clutter on server
  • Silent user registration. An account created and username and password sent to the email when user submits a listing
  • Author alias field in publishing params
  • Method to create menu item for single listing
  • Sort by finish publishing date
  • Advanced search module with selection fields like advanced search page
  • Option in mod_mt_listing to show listings based on tags of listing being viewed
  • Editor plugin extension to allow listing insertion into any other listing. Similar to Joomla Article editor plugin
  • Plugin for JCE Editor to search Mosets Tree listings to add as a hyperlink in a post

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