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Default List of changes from 2.0.2 - 2.0.3

Version 2.0.3 - October 2007


# Fixed SQL error when Advanced Searching with Select Multiple field

# Fixed inability to upload more than 1 image in the front-end at the same time

# Added rows, cols and style parameters to multiLineTextbox field type which has been removed in 2.0.2

# Fixed bug where hidden field is not simple searchable even if Simple Search is enabled for the hidden field

# Fixed bug where hidden field is not viewable in summary view

! Change e-mail address in About page from mtree AT to support AT

! When 'Show Review' is disabled, Reviews tab in users' pages is removed, direct access to viewusersreview, writereview & addreview is disabled

+ Added a new show_favourite config to toggle the Favourite feature

# Fixed RSS bug where the cache file is created at the root directory. Fixed to use /cache

# Fixed bug where hidden fields' value are erased when a listing is modified from front-end

# Fixed bug where listings' count is not updated when a listing is submitted and published through the front-end

# Fixed incorrect calculation on rating when removing vote in pending reviews

# Fixed bug where vote is not removed from log when pending review is rejected

# Fixed bug where template assigned to category is not picking up the assigned template.css file

# Fixed javascript error when using mod_mt_search with fixed categories

# Fixed issue with displaying incorrect number of summary characters in summary view. Fixed for both coredesc and multilinetextbox

+ Added Youtube's width and height parameter to Online Video field type

# Fixed upgrade script failing to import category's images from 1.5x to 2.0.0.

+ Added div.featured class in M2's template.css

+ Added a new parameter to M2 template to toggle featured listing's highlight

+ Added a new parameter to M2 template to toggle the display of action links in summary view

! <br />s are only added to Description field in details view when 'Strip all HTML tags in Details view' is set to Yes and there is no BR and P tag entered in the list of 'Allowed Tags'. This prevents unintended breaks in the field.


+ Supports cat_image variable in page_index.tpl.php and sub_subCats.tpl.php

# MT Importer has been updated to support Gossamer Links

# Changed h1 selector to h1.componentheading. Prevents interfering with other non-Mosets Tree style

! Manage category's style has been updated and improved

# Fixed errors when viewing a non-existing page in Mosets Tree

! Categories and Listings images now stored in filesystem

# Fixed missing closing div tag in page_listAlpha.tpl.php

# Spider fails nicely if allow_url_fopen is disabled

^ Custom Top List is removed from mod_mt_listing

# Fixed bug where reviews can not be submitted when the access is set to Public and user_review_once is enabled.

# MT Importer updated. cat_id will be assigned to 0 if value is empy in .csv file

# 'Required' option is disabled for some core fields

# Required field behaviour in link_desc has been modified. Only when not using WYSIWYG editor, the field is checked.

# Fixed error in mod_mt_menu when viewing a non-existing Mosets Tree page

^ Updated mod_mt_listing_wpic, mod_mt_random to support file based image handling

# Fixed missing closing DIV tag in page_image.tpl.php

^ Spider & Go functionality is removed from front-end

# Fixed coremetakeys and coremetadesc field type to allow modification in front-end. Fixed a related javascript error when these fields are set the 'Required' in front-end

# Fixed bugs where CSV file is not imported when \r is used as line endings
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