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Once a person registers and creates an account... is there a way to limit that person from creating extra listings? For example I sell a paid listing and I setup that account for them and send the login details for the account. Is there a way to prevent them from creating more business listings inside of MT?
There is no hard limit you can set to control how many listings an owner can submit. But you can force those submission to go through an approval process. This way you can keep track or reject a listing if they go over their quota.

A related note on reviews... the owner of a listing can reply back to comments on his listing. Is there a difference from the website visitor registering to write comments vs registering to create a listing (assuming that I have registration turned on to leave comments)? Could the person who registers to leave comments on a review also create a business listing?
Yes, those are the same users. Once registered (provided that you allow registered user to do both), users can submit listtings and/or reviews.

Is the SPY feature open to future updates to include more click data on all parts of an owner listing? Or is it not possible within the software code curently? Are there any other 3rd party tracking programs that work with MT?
We have no plans currently to expand this functionality to tracks general clicks around the directory. I suggest you use specialized tracking software such as Google Analytics for this.
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