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Originally Posted by gray View Post
Look at the \components\com_hotproperty\views\properties\tmpl\ property.php

All fields are render by
foreach ($this->extrafields as $extrafield) : ?>

Include after the foreach statement the if
if ($extrafield->name <> 'your_field_name_to_exclude'):

and put a close tag endif; before
<?php endforeach; ?>

Hope it helps
Thanks Gray
We have tried this and found that the sql entry we thought was being called from this is not 'full_text' or 'intro_text' in jos_hp_properties, how ever it is 'value' in jos_hp_properties2 and putting 'value' in for 'your_field_name_to_exclude' is not excluding this particular field (yet during testing we found putting 'full_text' in there removed the full_text data fropm displaying)
so, my question is: should this work for 'value' in jos_hp_properties2 or does similar code need to go elsewhere?

Thanks in advance

Kate - The frustrated implementor