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Default Help with individual property pages

Hello Again

thank you for your help on the last query I have rectified that previous issue with forms all working.

The new problem is that the client would like to change the layout on the property details page. I have tried as I might and although I know how to add fields and remove the "core" fields on the other areas I have NO IDEA how to remove /edit out or even hide the next part.

The only way to illustrate this is to attach a picture with the field we wish to vanish outlined...

We wish to leave this "Features" option turned on within the Listings page but to remove it on the property details page.

Please help. I have done this job as a favour for someone and updates, changes and corrections have now cost me huge amounts of energy time and worry.

Mind you - I now know Hot Property quite well and would happily recommend it to others!

Thanks in advance

Kate - The frustrated implementor