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Can the Blue template that's included with MT have a 3 column display?
Yes, this can be controlled directly through the template's parameter.

Can MT be placed outside of the Frontpage by including it as a link to the MT directory in the Top Menu?

Could I use the stock Joomla banner advertising or 3rd party components to display banner ads inside of MT on the front page or would it need to be on one of the left/right columns (using a 3 column display)?
Yes, you can use the core or third party components to display the banner. As for having it inside Mosets Tree component, that depends on how they can integrate with Mosets Tree.

Can Random Listings module be used as a type of banner advertising for the listing owners within MT? Say only paid listings are allowed to add pictures... so using the Random Listing mod would act like a rotating banner advertising? Can Random Listing be displayed anywhere within MT?
Yes. You can configure random modules to rotate among listings with pictures. This module like every other Joomla module can be displayed anywhere in your template.

Is the owner of a listing restricted to just his listing? Or can he create as many listings as he wants once he is a registered user? Can I manually setup his listing(s) for him and then email him the login details so he has access to only his listing so he can make changes as needed?
He can register an account and create as many listings as he want. You can also create the listings and account for him.

I see it has a Spy feature... does this track clicks on anything within the directory? For example, can I pull data from MT on how many people clicked on a category and each individual listing? So if someone clicks on the listing itself, or the email, website, google maps, etc.. I could do a search on this listing and pull up all the click info related to the listing and send a detailed report to the owner of the listing each month? Would there be a way to automate this?
The Spy feature currently only tracks reviews, votings and extensions owned by user. It does not track clicks for category or listings.

I see the custom field has a video player? How does this work? Will this play YouTube videos inside of the listing?
Using Online Video Player custom field, you can allow your user to provide the Youtube URL and Mosets Tree will display the player and the video in the listing.
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