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Default php errors - php 5.3.1?

joomla Version 1.5.25
PHP Version 5.3.10 --> site was migrated to a recently updated server.
i get these errors in property manager…

Notice: Undefined index: Property.ownercontact in /home/cosmtest/public_html/administrator/components/com_hotproperty/views/properties/tmpl/default.php on line 69
Notice: Undefined variable: where in /home/cosmtest/public_html/plugins/mosets/framework/libraries/mosets/html/html/grid.php on line 230
Notice: Undefined variable: where in /home/cosmtest/public_html/plugins/mosets/framework/libraries/mosets/html/html/grid.php on line 232

i imagine it has something to do with php 5.3.1 as i have had some other problems with modules/components in regards to the updated php version. if this is true and there is no easy fix i suppose ill downgrade php. the reason i ask is because mosets claims to work w/ php 5.3…so is it just 5.3.1? thats causing problems? i don't want to recompile more than once so…can anyone confirm the latest working php version to use with hot property and joomla 1.5.25?