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Originally Posted by kevinclark View Post

Yes I played with the Default.php file lastnight and found were to edit the tabs text, Thanks!. I noticed that if I login as a registered agent and delete property pictures and add new ones the old pictures XML files dont get deleted from the XML folder in the root directory. So when i try to view the new replacement photos it shows the old ones. I dont know if i missed something or this is a bug Thanks again.
Dear friend:

When I made this mod, I didn't think this possibility because it involves to play with the files that create/delete these pictures in administration of hp 1.0. This is harder to do in hp 1.0 than it was in 0.98 because of the all new structure of joomla's new api.
If you delete the pictures, you must manualy delete the corresponding xml file, so it will be re-created automatically with the index for the new pictures.