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In general, the price field is rendered by:
PHP Code:
case 'price':
$html .= ($fieldPrefix '<span class="prefix">' $fieldPrefix '</span>' '') . '<span class="currency">' $hotproperty->getCfg('currency') . '</span> ' number_format($fieldValue$hotproperty->getCfg('dec_point'), $hotproperty->getCfg('dec_string'), ($hotproperty->getCfg('thousand_sep')) ? $hotproperty->getCfg('thousand_string') : '') . ($fieldSuffix '<span class="suffix">' $fieldSuffix '</span>' '');
in administrator/com_hotproperty/helpers/html/content.php

As you can see, there is a $fieldPrefix before the price and $fieldSuffix - after. So, check in price configs for the prefix and suffix values.
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