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juttaklassen 03-07-2013 06:32 PM

Top Listings Module listing links error since upgrade
Hi there,
This week I upgraded to Mosets 3, thank you!

One thing I noticed with a module - the Top Listings Module and that the listings link through sometimes to the directory component root, and other times not.

1. I have a left hand menu and in it an item which links directly through to a specific category within a directory (multiple directories are set up) and creates the url:
[site root]/browse-by-interest/supply-equipment/supplier-profiles.html
'Supplier Profiles' being the menu item name and category name within the directory.

2. So when I install the Top Listing module into the menu item above where my category link is in the left hand menu [site root]/browse-by-interest/supply-equipment and I set it up to show listings from the category in the left hand menu - 'Supplier Profiles'. All listings appear ok. Note that this menu item is not a Mosets tree item, it's K2 and other modules.

3. When I click on the top lisiting from in the module box it opens the module with the url [site root]/browse-by-interest/supply-equipment/supplier-profiles/[Mosets Listing]. So it goes down the menu and links through to the Listing under a category that is under the category in step 1. This is as I would expect and is what I want. :-)

3. This is when I encouter the problem....
All the following listings (except for the very first one in the list) links to the component root and the category where the listing is and effectively loosing the place on the site and more importantly the left hand menu. So url: [site root]/component/mtree/[category of listing]/[Mosets Listing]
This would be ok if it were possible to open the listings in a new window, but this doesn't seem to be an option, right?

What I don't understand is why the first listing in the module links to one location, and the rest somewhere else. Am I doing something wrong with the set up? Or do I need to include the module only on Mosets tree pages?

If anyone knows anything about this, I'd very much appreciate some advice how to list listings in a non-Mosets page and link down the menu hierarchy.

Many Thanks

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