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tradewise 04-06-2011 02:11 PM

Search Listing By ID Module Now Available
Search Listing By ID Module Now Available Updated for Mtree 2.20+ on Joomla 1.6.1+

Over the past few years here Mosets forums there's been several requests to be able to search listings by ID, well good news .... the wait is over simply by installing this new module.

The Search Listing By ID module enables users to search a listing title by ID number and then if a result is found they can optionally view details of that listing in Mosets Tree. The module is a modification of the original mod_mt_search written by Mosets and adds a secondary Ajax driven ID search layer.

If the added Ajax form finds a valid result it displays the Listing Tile and a get details button for a detailed search of the returned name. If the ID does not match the Ajax Form returns a Try again Message, the search field also checks for a numeric value and if not found returns an error message.

A working demo can be seen on the PaymentsPlus Demo site.

More Details here

Regards to all - Steve
Developer of PaymentsPlus

Message to Lee.... Can we also make this a sticky???

tradewise 12-31-2012 09:03 AM

Updated: 31 December 2012 - Removed Signature generated by javascript to comply with Joomla! GPL licencing requirements. Tested on Mtree 2.5.6 and Mtree 3.0.0+

Message to Lee.... Can we also make this a sticky??? .....again?

josebermudezgonzal 12-15-2014 03:22 PM

I need to add an additional module to form simple search to indicate the city in which I require to do the search field .
Currently only allows placing the category (where you can specify parent category ) than the search field. But I need to be the city field and no category or categories would have to do for each city and would not be practical.
Attached is a picture of how I have so far but I want it with golf , not category.

necesito agregar un campo adicional al formulario del modulo de búsqueda simple para poder indicar la ciudad en la cual requiero hacer la búsqueda.
Actualmente solo permite colocar la categoría (donde se puede indicar categoría padre) aparte del campo de búsqueda. Pero requiero que sea el campo ciudad y no categoría o tendría que hacer categorías por cada ciudad y no seria practico.
Adjunto una imagen de como lo tengo hasta ahora pero deseo que sea con campo, no con categoría.

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