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dknight 12-05-2018 02:04 PM

Mosets Tree 3.10.7 update available
  • Fix incorrect bug when copying listing with core field date, telephone and year.
  • Fix bug with using Styled Google Maps.
  • Fix bug causing 'Reset' filter not working on IE11.
  • Fix PHP warning in tellDateTime function.
  • Support core field columns in back-end search results.

Downloading the upgrade

The upgrade is available in your account by logging in to and clicking at Mosets Tree license number. Full install and upgrade instructions are also available there.

If you are using Mosets Tree 3.9.6 or later, and have verified your subscription in your website's Mosets Tree back-end, you can upgrade by:
  • Going to: Extensions > Manage > Update
  • Click "Find Updates"
  • You should see an entry for Mosets Tree 3.10.7 update.
  • Check the checkbox beside the Mosets Tree entry.
  • Click "Update"

If all goes well, you should be shown a success notification after a few seconds. Your upgrade is complete at this point.

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