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zandunga 02-21-2010 03:54 PM

Top Listings Slideshow Module
I present the " Top Listings Slideshow Module"for Mtre 2.1, a commercial solution, but very low cost, since it only costs $ 19 dollars. It is another product of

This module is a replacement of mod_mt_listing which shows the top listing through an elegant slideshow. It is easy to configure.

Supports change the following parameters:

1- Vertical or horizontal carousel
2- Background infozone color
3-Title size
4-Title color
5-Text size
6-Text color
7-Thumbnail width and height size
8 - Width and height gallery
9 - Select field data output.
10 - New listing, recently updated listing, featured listing, popular listing, most rated listing, top rated listing, most reviewed listing or random listing data output.
11- etc., etc.


Also with a minimal cost of only $19 dollars I present the exclusive "Mt Gallery Slideshow". This elegant tool is a powerful visual interface to display the image gallery for each product in Mtre 2.1 view listings.

In this case you get the page_image.tpl.php file (located in /) and the pack with the engine powering this great gallery slideshow.


Many Mtree users have requested for a slideshow to the thumbnails of the detailed view of the listings to show the pre-visualization of the final images. Here we have it for only $ 49 dollars. This is the "Mt Thumbnails Slideshow" to Mtre 2.1

You get the sub_images.tpl.php file (located in /) and the engine that makes this elegant web 2.0 style thumbnail slideshow, Easy to install!


NOTE: Each product sold separately.

davidmorigeau 03-08-2010 03:25 AM

Great Product
I originally had purchased the Mosets slideshow for the details view and ended up buying the Mosets top listing module as well. Both products are fantastic. Kudos to the developer. Fantastic product indeed.

You can see the module on my Web site here.


jessevandersteur 06-15-2010 10:27 PM


As you can see I purchased your gallery light product which works well overall.

Problem is that I don't want to let my customers resize the photo's themselves. HP/your plugin (don't know exactly) should resize them automaticly during upload which the normal slideshow of HP can do.

With your plugin I get the next problem:

By all (large) photos only the left upper section is shown.

Is this fixable?

Kind regards,

Jesse van der Steur

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