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dirkpreus 07-26-2013 05:47 AM

Audio Player, Mobile and HTML5
Is it possible to convert the Mosets Tree audio player to work with HTML5 and a flash fallback for older browsers? Currently all the audio listings can no longer be played on mobile devices where as before they used to work. Flash is no longer supported on mobile devices (argh) so I was hoping there would maybe be an update/patch to the audio player to get it working on mobile once again.

suley 07-28-2013 03:34 PM

You can but it requires you to custom code, basically u need to edit the custom field type and replace the audio player, I dont personally use the audio player but have changed the code on the youtube player so i can have my own video player system instead

dirkpreus 06-25-2014 04:32 AM

Is it possible to get an example of how to achieve a mobile friendly solution for the media player? I've looked at the audioplayer.php file but don't know what to modify or add to make it work in html5.

dirkpreus 07-11-2014 03:02 AM

For anyone who is curious, I was able to make HTML5 work on my iPhone by inserting the following line of code into the audio-player.php file on line 40 directly after line 39. Push enter after line 39 and paste the following onto line 40. The file is found in administrator > components > com_mtree > fieldtypes > audioplayer > audio player.php

$html .= "\n" . '<audio id="player" controls="controls">' . '<source id="mp3_src" src="' . $this->getDataAttachmentURL() . '"' . 'type="audio/mp3" />' . '</audio>';

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