View Full Version : New Mosets and Mambo Charge Help Thread?

01-07-2007, 02:09 AM
Any developers or more the experienced interested in creating a thread and some help for people trying to integrate MamboCharge with Hot Property or Mosets Tree?

This combination promises all sorts of wonderful features for paid subscriptions and listings, but I for one cannot get it to work as advertised. Joomlaware doesn't want to know that you exist or offer any real help. There must be people here who have successfully used these two products together. It is a popular combination, but I also see on Joomlaware many having trouble with no help in sight from them. This could help many people besides me.

Specifically, I cannot get the individual property owners listings to be paid for. The agent subscriptions are working marginally, but I don't think it's quite right either. I've been over their manuals a dozen times, tried all sorts of settings (their manuals, contrary to their maker's opinion, are contradictory and not clear) . I've tried re-installs. Exact same behavior every time.

As I work on this, I would of course share anything I find or learn from doing this as well. It seems to me this is a major third-party add-on to Mosets products, and yet no concentrated support or discussion to be found anywhere in any of communities. It could be created right here (Joomlaware is again just not interested) where there appear to be many knowledgeable people willing to help others.



Eric LaVigne:cool: