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03-04-2006, 03:14 AM
iJoomla.com (http://www.ijoomla.com), creator of iJoomla Magazine, has released iJoomla Metatag Generator (http://www.ijoomla.com)that helps you not only generate metatags for your content items but your Mosets items as well.

The iJoomla Metatag Generator, which supports current SEO efforts, manages metatags and generates metatag descriptions and keywords.

About iJoomla Metatag Generator

A completely FREE component from iJoomla.com!
Saves you hours and even days of work;
Lets you make the most of your "Related Items " module;
Supports your current SEO efforts

Metatags management:

Displays a page that lets you edit the meta tags for up to 50 pages at a time!
Choose the pages for which you want to generate keywords/descriptions;
Supports meta tags for Mosets Tree pages.

Description metatag generation:

Automatically create descriptions!
Choose the description source (intro text or full text);
Type your descriptions or edit existing or generated text;
Choose the descriptions’ maximum character size;
Overwrite existing descriptions after auto-generation;
Edit out unwanted keywords such as "mosimage" or "pagebreak".

Keyword generation:

Automatically extract the keywords from your text;
Edit filter list to block useless keywords like "the", "and" etc (1000 most common words in English are provided);
Choose the number and length of keywords to extract;
Select the delimiter (choose between a comma and a break);
Overwrite existing keywords during over-generation;
Enter the keywords or edit existing or generated words;
Edit out special characters.

See how it works on our demo site:

http://www.asenior.org (http://www.asenior.org)

Demo Admin:


Username: tester
Password: tester

And that’s not all. The iJoomla Metatag Generator component comes with a Keyword Extraction Tool that helps you deliver great traffic and promote your site. All you need to do is add a menu item and link it to the iJoomla Metatag Generator! See how it works here on the following demo sites:

Demo site for the Keyword Extraction Tool:

http://www.morechristian.com (http://www.morechristian.com/option,com_metataggenerator/Itemid,11/)
http://www.ivegetarian.net (http://www.ivegetarian.net/option,com_metataggenerator/Itemid,6/)

Visit iJoomla.com (http://www.ijoomla.com) for more information and a free download.

05-19-2006, 07:50 AM
How does it work on HotProperty?
I can see only MosetTree option... :confused:

11-08-2007, 06:01 PM
If it could work with hot property, it would be a huge time saving!!
Please, add HP support if you can, many webmasters would be happy