View Full Version : Mosets Tree 3.5.8 update available

03-25-2014, 12:14 PM

Fixed a regression affecting Move/Copy categories task.
Fixed bug where %H:%M:%S values are not saved in listing core date fields.
Fixed bug preventing Spidering URLs with non-string characters.
Adds output separator parameter to Checkbox field.
+ Shows error message when submitted listings does not contain all required fields.
MT Importer: Fixed error when importing properties without assigned agent.
Fixed bug where having a required file based custom field in front-end prevents listing from being saved during edit.
+ Adds parameter to select search field type in Tags field. Defaults to Text.
+ List Listings pages now displays listings regardless of whether it is assigned to a category as primary or secondary category.
+ Adds link_created index to #__mt_links

Downloading the upgrade

The upgrade is available at your account by logging in to http://www.mosets.com/login/ and clicking at Mosets Tree license number. Full install and upgrade instructions are also available there.