View Full Version : Module: Mosets Tree - Search [mod_mt_filter]

01-04-2013, 03:28 AM

I'm looking for a way to "filter" the results of a specific category. Possibly even a way for a user to "lock" this filter in.

An example is this. The site is Hallrentalreivews.com. We have listings grouped by County as the primary category. Then we have other categories for "type". So a user can easily find halls in their area if they chose "browse by location". But if they browse by type, they will get all of the listings - not just those in their area.

Is there any way to filter listings like this based on their primary category. So I need to show the listings that are Type: VFW but Location: Camden County.

I though that the Module: Mosets Tree - Search [mod_mt_filter] would do this but when I enable it it breaks the site. I get a "not found" error for every page on the site.

Can this be done, and is this the module to do it with?