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01-27-2005, 04:39 PM
Dear valued clients,

We are proud to announce a maintenance release of our popular directory component - Mosets Tree 1.02

This release fixes a number of bugs, both minor and major. Additionally 1.02 introduces a new search mechanism that allow visitors to dynamically search for listings within a particular category. ie:


We have also increased the number of custom fields from 10 to 30!

We highly recommend all Mosets Tree users to upgrade to this latest version.

01-27-2005, 04:44 PM
Please download the patch files (http://www.mosets.com/c/option,com_mdownload/Itemid,57/) and follow the instructions below:

STEP 1: Overwriting component files

Open the patch file "com_mtree-Patch_101-102.zip" and overwrite/upload all the files to your server where you have an existing Mosets Tree installed.

WARNING: If you have modified your template before this, DO NOT UPLOAD THE TEMPLATE DIRECTORY. Doing so will revert all your changes to the default files.

STEP 2: Updating database

Open the following file


and execute the sql queries to your MySQL database. The sql files assumes you are using the default prefix "mos_". If you are using other prefix, please change the sql file before executing it.

STEP 3: Overwriting the modules

If you have installed "mod_admin_mt_pathway" module, overwrite all files in "mod_admin_mt_pathway-11.zip" to this directory:


If you have installed "mod_mt_search", overwrite all files in "mod_mt_search-12.zip" to this directory:


"mod_search_fixed_cats-10.zip" is a new module similar to "mod_mt_search", but it displays an additional drop down box with categories. If you wish to use this module, install it from the Mambo back-end.


Upgrade Complete!

01-27-2005, 04:51 PM
version 1.02 - Jan 2004

+ Added support for custom field's caption

+ Added more custom fields to total of 30

+ Added support for checkbox input in page_addlisting.tpl.php template

+ New Savant Plugin - mt_checkboxes

# Fixed missing image after a listing is approved

! All HTML tags are stripped before passing it to sub_listingSummary.tpl.php.
Allowed tags = <h1><b><i><a><ul><li><pre><hr><blockquote><img>

# Fixed mod_mt_search not returning proper search results when using Mambo's built-in SEF

# Fixed Typo - REPORT_PROBLEM_3

# Fixed problem displaying listing starting with numbers in listalpha

# Fixed problem with pagination in back-end

! Rearranged Publishing tab's item in edit link page

# Prevent unauthorized user from accessing deletelisting page

# Fixed bug not sending notification email to owner upon listing's approval

+ List Pending Listing - Bold listing name when it is a new listing

+ Simple search now allow search for current and its sub categories only

+ Added a new module called "Tree Search: Fixed Catgories" that is similar to Tree Search module but with additional drop down box for categories

+ Added <br /> breaks to all new lines in review text

# Fixed Explorer's invalid css path in back-end

# Fixed missing </div> tag in mod_mt_pathway



! Language - NEW_LISTING_EMAIL_MSG_WAITING_APPROVAL - remove the URL when a new listing is pending approval

# "Root" appears in Category name when adding categories in Root directory

# Remove "index.html" in list of templates

# Remove border in edit icon

# Fixed URL bug when using sefRelToAbs function

# Fixed error when back-end's advanced search return large number of results

# Fixed error returning unpublished listing in back-end's advanced search

! Initialize visited field to 0 when adding new listing

# -> Bug Fix
+ -> Addition
! -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note