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  39. virtuemart
  40. Getting the Template to look like the demo
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  42. Telephone form characters
  43. Core Field modification options?
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  46. sub_listingDetails.tpl.php
  47. Kinabalu
  48. Installation Of tem_mt_kinabalu-1.2.zip ERRORS
  49. Can i make a website like kinabalu templates demo?
  50. template makes first image the size of the entire site??? huge problem
  51. Problems on IE
  52. summary view modification
  53. Listings position
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  55. how can i change the copyright info at the bottom?
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  57. Help with video player
  58. Regarding my previous Video Player post...
  59. Editing the sub_listingSummary.tpl.php File
  60. Lightbox gallery + logo
  61. change the width of right column and the height of the header
  62. Module Position
  63. Kinabalu Template favicon
  64. Confirmation failed - token was invalid
  65. Submit form
  66. How to change the width of contact form textarea?
  67. PHP Customization
  68. Can't change the Listings Detail style?
  69. Summary View PHP Customization
  70. Index Directory + other content
  71. New install Problem
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  76. Help needed!!
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  87. Modul-Class-Suffix
  88. can't get Kinabalu to apply
  89. Unable to install Kinabalu Template
  90. Error to install Kinabalu Template
  91. Title "Listing Details"
  92. Changing Font Size and Image Alignment
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  94. custom fields in views
  95. Payment plus and cat specific
  96. Show multiple custom fields in 1 row
  97. Main Image in Kinabalu details view Messing Up
  98. Using user real name instead of username for Owner id?
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  101. cant edit "users review"
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  106. Templates Mod to Style 3
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  108. Kinabalu
  109. Category Listings style to match Index Listing style
  110. Category-specific Add Listing form
  111. Change colomn width + image size in detail view
  112. Category Hierarchy
  113. Category Specific Custom Fields
  114. Strange spacing on listing
  115. Thumbshots
  116. "Featured" and "New" not showing properly in IE 9
  117. Can not install Kinabalu template on Joomla 1.7.3
  118. Remove word Category from mt_listing
  119. Forum search link
  120. Adding listing 'category name' to sub_image.tpl.php
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  123. kinabalu template for Mosets tree
  124. What benefits does JUST using the tree template provide
  125. Joomla 2.5?
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  127. language spanish template problem
  128. Top Rated Modules
  129. Is Kinabalu template licensed under the GNU GPL?
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  131. Font Size
  132. How 2 update Kinabalu category template file 2 use site template Module Class Suffix
  133. Advanced Search
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  135. Auto set Subject in email send from website
  136. Listing Sumary Home. Urgent!!
  137. 'Left' and 'Right' top module alignments ?.
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  139. listings summary image link to file
  140. I have received for Moset Tree immediately, but not for kinabalu template till now.
  141. Thumbmails problem in listing
  142. Change Action Link Labels (ie Visit to Website)
  143. Hide field in frontend category view
  144. Template not showing
  145. Changing background colour in container
  146. Breadcrumbs not working
  147. top listing module format
  148. Changing Position of Claim/Report, etc.
  149. Change the position of actions bottoms
  150. Changed Categories Title
  151. Link Colors
  152. Template modifications
  153. mosets 3.0.8 change listing name size
  154. read more inline
  155. Summary Listings View Example
  156. Reviews in summary listings view
  157. How do I edit/change the button text e.g. Contact Owner
  158. Showing file size posible?
  159. Change order of Add Listing Form
  160. Is Kinabalu compatible with Joomla 3?
  161. How to add visit counter into the Kinabalu template?
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  163. language
  164. Make tags link box size larger?
  165. NEW Summary Listings Design
  166. different Styles
  167. Rtl
  168. Issue with kinabalu template clone
  169. Moving the MT Search Button position
  170. 'File' field... 'Choose File'
  171. Lightbox not working
  172. Index Page with 2 or more columns, are not aligned
  173. Add additional Link to listing
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  177. Language
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  179. Beautiful Template For Listing Details !!
  180. Controll the with of LEFT
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  182. Kinabalu for free ????
  183. Can you Provide me STEP by STEP instructions to make a Duplicate (Multiple) Directory
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  185. No Index Alpha, Featured, Popular Page etc
  186. readon
  187. Center Logo Mosets template
  188. I can not understand how to apply the template
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  191. How Can I have Sub-Categories Arranged In Columns
  192. Customize detail View
  193. how do install kinabalu template?
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  196. remove link in summary view